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Zimm's Feedlot Staff
Todd Zimmerman Pat Wagler Jim Scobee
Todd Zimmerman- Manager
Email: todd@zimmsfeedlot.com
Todd grew up in the family farming/feedlot operation. He is responsible for all aspects of the operation. Additionally, Todd runs a 2,500 acre farming operation that raises corn, soybeans, wheat and alfalfa. Todd is married to Lillian and has a son Moises, whom are also a big help to him.
Pat Wagler- Office Manager
Email: pat@zimmsfeedlot.com
Pat is the owner of Zimm’s feedlot. Pat takes care of day to day bookkeeping/billing and office operations. She’s done this since the beginning of Zimm’s Feedlot.
Jim Scobee- Yard Foreman
Email: jim@zimmsfeedlot.com
Jim is responsible for day to day operation at the feedlot. He is responsible for animal health, making sure the bunks have the correct amount of feed in them and making sure commodities are on site when needed. Jim has been with Zimm’s feedlot since May 1, 1985.
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