Zimm’s Feedlot is a 3,600 head custom feeding operation located four miles north and ¾ east of Sterling, Kansas. A wind break, along the north side of the feedlot provides protection from the cold north winds throughout the winter season. We are also located in an area of fertile farmland that produces much of the corn and alfalfa used by our operation. We use products from local farmers when available to support our local economy. Kansas Ethanol, a good neighbor one mile to the north, allows us to obtain competitively priced wet distillers grain used in rations. With these products and the help of our nutritionist we can provide a competitively priced and efficient ration for our cattle.

Three packers visit our feedlot on a weekly basis reviewing showlists and giving bids. Our cattle are marketed on a cash basis, grid or contract. We also have a source and age verification program that is under the IMI Global program. Our employees have been through the cattle handling seminars provided by the Kansas Livestock Association and ,with the help of our local veterinarian, provide the best animal health for our cattle. We use Micro Beef animal health system, drug machine and bunk reader to maximize our efficiency and recordkeeping requirements. Our veterinarian and nutritionist are also very helpful in the use of these tools.

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